Adult Sized Rental Costumes for 1920's to early 1930's 

The most iconic fashions of the 1920's were the flappers and gangster outfits worn to the Speak Easy clubs.  The costume adaptations of those trendy outfits listed here are perfect for themed events, parties, plays and school projects such as Great Gatsby, Bugsy Malone, Chicago, Bonnie and Clyde, Roaring 20's, and many more.

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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Is your man feeling a little uncomfortable in a costume?  You can get him looking the part with a few accessories to add to his own shirt and pants.
A fedora hat, suspenders, black or white tie, big toy cigar, toy Tommy gun, or even shoulder holster and revolver might get him in the swing of things and looking great.

Dress up your flapper girl costume with popular accessories sold separately.  The most popular accessories are shown here, including Bob style wig, long pearl necklace, feather boa, cigarette holder and fishnet stockings.  Other items sold at Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga include leg garters, garters with tiny toy guns, headbands and finger wave wigs.