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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

PLEASE NOTE:  Beauty and the Beast is open all year around.  We do not offer 'after season' sales.  Because of the "one use only" nature of  costumes, we cannot give Refunds or Credit for purchased costumes.  Be sure to inspect packaged costumes and check the size and fit before purchasing.

Personal costumes are NOT available for rent or sale.
Photo by Libby Tucker  - At The Tivoli Theater, Chattanooga.

While the name is intended to imply what you will find while shopping, costumes and accessories that are either pretty or monstrous, it also has a much more personal meaning to Manager Susan Stringer.  As a child, the classic French fairy tale of true love transforming a lonely beast into a handsome prince was Susan's favorite.  She was enthralled by the stunning costumes of the 1946 movie and always wanted to be part of that story.  In September of 1986, she and her then fiance, Jeff Stringer, made that dream a reality on the stage at the Atlanta World Con Convention.  As time moved on, Susan knew that her true calling was to bring her love of costumes and make believe to everyone.  Beauty and the Beast Costumes was created so that people of all ages and sizes could enjoy the thrill of living their dreams.  Our primary goal is to help everyone unlock their own creativity.


Beauty and the Beast Costumes started in a small shop on Hixson Pike in the fall of 1989.  With only a 6 months lease, a $3,000 budget, one sewing machine and a whole lot of heart, Susan Stringer started crafting a new legend for the costuming community in Chattanooga.  That Halloween, the doors opened with only the costumes out of Susan's closet and what she and her mother, Mary Fugate, could make in one month's time plus a few retail items.  It was a humble start, but it showed enough promise to  move to a small house in Red Bank where the business is still located.

Some people have wondered about our name from time to time through the years.  At first, people thought it was a Beauty shop and dropped in to ask "How much do you charge for a perm?"  After 1991 when Disney came out with a movie with the same title, the questions changed to "How much did you pay for that name?"  It took over 15 years for people to stop asking,  "Do you have anything besides Beauty and the Beast costumes?"  The answer is a wholehearted, "Yes!  We do."

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For the best quality and selection of costume rental and retail in the Chattanooga area, please visit us in Red Bank.

Beauty and the Beast Costumes
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Chattanooga, TN 37415
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