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Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Whether you are making your own costume from scratch, buying or renting a costume, or just pulling together a great outfit from your closet, it's the accessories that make an ensemble shine.  You can even change the entire look of an outfit by just changing your accessories around.  You'll find everything your need in one place at Beauty and the Beast, Chattanooga.

Beauty and the Beast Costumes     3708 Dayton Blvd.     Red Bank, TN 37415      (423)870-3510
Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Retail Accessories for All Ages

Masks - Masquerade & Mardi Gras

This page is currently still in our older format which can be difficult to view on hand held devices or PCs with small screens.  However, it should still  provide an idea of the scope of our mask selection and price range.

Make Up

Beauty and the Beast carries a full line of professional quality stage make up by Merhon as well as many fine products from Rubies and Fun World.  Currently, only the the most popular items from the Mehron line is shown on the website.  The older format of the page is often difficult to view on smaller screens.  We will be working on that after we get more of the content listed.

Masks - Halloween & Character

The best selection of over the head latex and vinyl character, animal and monster masks in the Tri State area are out on display all year long.  You will also find our large number of 3/4 and half masks in a wide variety posted on this page, although it's still not all of them!