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Sexy Elf - Red Sm/Md, Md/Lg $34  FW#7696

Elfalicious Sm/Md, Md/Lg $36  FW#7549

Sexy Elf - Green Sm/Md, Md/Lg $34  FW#7676

Shrug & Santa Hat Sm/Md, Md/Lg $20  FW#7638

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Mrs. Claus Sm, Md $55  R#889345

Santa Helper Sm, Md $60  R#889332

Santa's Miss Inspiration Standard $46  R#25542

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Child Santa Suit  Sm, Md, Lg $30  FW#7560

Child Elf  Sm, Md, Lg  $25  FW#7561

Elf, Standard $44  FW#7598 Last one - order!

Mrs. Claus Large $180 R#995

Mrs. Claus Standard $42  F#61398

Mrs. Claus Standard $40  FW#7570

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Mrs. Claus Plus $50  FW#7572

Biblical Costumes
Copy over photos from Buy Adult Size Costumes:
3 Wise Men

Mary, Joseph, Jesus

Santa's Helper Plus $52  R#17667

Holiday Helper Plus $52  R#17657

Frostbitten Plus $56  R#17653

Elf Tunic Standard $12  R#26016

Elf Costume Set  Standard $31  R#26600

Old World Santa Standard $340 R#2356

Old World Mrs Claus Medium $260 R# 997
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Dlx Mrs Claus Sm/Md $155  FW#7571

Price increased for 2015, remaining stock in Smaller sizes are still at 2014 price

Dlx Mrs Claus Md/Lg  $200  FW#7571

Dlx Mrs Claus Plus $225 FW#7573 - Sold Out

Dlx Velveteen Santa Suit Standard $250  R#2353

Dlx Velveteen Santa Suit X Large $300  R#2353

Super Dlx Velvet Santa Suit Standard $300  R#2354

Super Dlx Velvet Santa Suit X Large $350  R#2354

Super Dlx Velvet Santa Suit 2X Large $400  R#2354

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Santa Long Beard set *Best Seller!* $20  R#2344 Last One ORDER!  

Dlx Santa wig & beard $40  R#2303  Low Stock, Order  

Santa Dlx wig & beard *Natural Grey * $42  R#2346  

Rental Quality XLong beard & wig set $90  Lacy#006

Supreme Professional Santa XWide beard & wig set $120  Lacy#004EX

Santa wig & beard  $15  FW#7520  Sold Out  - Order

Mrs Claus wig  $12  FW#7522

Mrs Santa wig $12  F#61301

Reindeer Headband $5  JH#164150

Reindeer Antlers $7  R#824

Dlx Santa Suspenders $8  R#67524

Santa Belly  $21  R#26509

Elf Shoes (red or green) $7  R#26500

Santa Boot tops  $20  FW#75535

Santa Sack  $12  FW#7534

Elf Hat w/ bells $5  JH#76858

Striped Elf Hat w/ ears $5  JH#76144

Felt Santa Hat $6  JH

Plush Santa hat $12  FW#7462

Santa Belt Standard $10  R#738 Order?

Santa Belt Standard $20 R#26511 Order  
Sold out XL size - order

Santa Belt XXL $23 R#26511

Santa Belt Standard $12  FW#7536 - Order

Dlx Santa Belt w/ large buckle Standard $16  F#67530

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Crimson Regency Plush Santa Suit Standard $90  R#23370

Premier Plush Santa Suit Standard $100 R#2380

Premier Plush Santa Suit X large  R#2380  Sold Out

Beauty and the Beast Costumes strives to always provide a wide range of Santa wig and beard sets for sale to satisfy most price and quality requirements. Selection may vary from year to year.

2015 - the year Elsa elbowed her way into the North Pole.


Assorted Christmas Displays

Best 'Department Store' Quality Santa Suits!

These beautiful suits are made of the finest quality dress velvets with the most lush white fur trim.  Excellent investment suits, these are suggested for the professional Santa or for those who just want to look like one.

Most Durable Santas

These Santa suits are all plush fur.  Pull over coats and elastic waist pants make these the easiest costumes to wear and they are machine washable.  Warm and  cozy even on the coldest days, these are great for outdoor events or Christmas tree lots.

Best Selling Santa!

Rubies Ultra Velvet Santa suit is made of crush resistant velvet, fully lined with satin.  Zipper front coat and elastic waist pants.  Coat, hat and vinyl boot tops are all trimmed with plush faux fur.  Black vinyl belt has large gold tone buckle and brass rivets.

All other accessories sold separately.

Christmas Costumes to Buy

Beauty and the Beast offers a staggering selection of  Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elf, Santa Helper and other holiday costumes for sale.  These Christmas items are considered seasonal and are only on display from early November until the first of January.  To conserve space for other items, they are packed away the rest of the year and cannot be brought out for casual observation.

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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

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Ultra Velvet Santa Suit Standard R#-23361  Sold Out

Ultra Velvet Santa Suit X Large  $115 R#23361

Ultra Velvet Santa Suit 2X Large R#-23361  Sold Out

Buddy the Elf, Standard, XLarge $50  R#16894

Simply Elf, Standard $23  F#62595

Jolly Snowman, Standard $40  FW#7526

Elegant Elf Set Standard $30  FW#7551

Elegant Elf Set Plus $34  FW#7554

Gingerbread Man Standard $70  F#67695

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Santa's (dark) Green Helper  XSm, Sm, Md  $50  R# 889620

Jolly (dark) Green Helper Standard, X Lg $55  R#889616