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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

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Blue plaid caroler

Red Velvet caroler

Silver Vest (male angel)

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Reindeer / Rudolf

Rent a Santa Suit & Much More!

Carolers - Victorian Styled

Rent Christmas Holiday Costumes

Christmas seems to get bigger every year!  Parades, parties, fund raisers and promotional projects seem to be everywhere.  At Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga, we try to keep everyone well supplied with Santa and all of his friends.  Listed below are the costumes that we RENT.  None of these costumes are for sale.  Please see the Christmas page under "Buy Costumes - Adult Sizes" for costumes that you may purchase.

Fun Fact:  At Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga, you can Rent a Velvet Santa Suit for the same great price you paid back in 1989!  That's right, we have replaced our stock of rental costumes many times over the years, but have never raised the rental price.   Our Deluxe "Department Store" Velvet Santa Suits still rent for just $75 each including the hair set.  We also have our Regular Panne Velvet Santa Suits for $55 rental and Economy versions for just $35.  Holding prices down is what we do!