Child sized poodle skirts and blouses are also available for smaller cast members.

1950's styled Costumes for Grease, Bye Bye Birdie, Sock Hops and Swing Dances


From Broadway to the Silver Screen or the Small screen, shows about the 1950's will always be in our hearts.  From the popular sit com Happy Days, to the ever popular musical Grease, from Elvis to Olivia Newton John, the music and the swirling circle skirts delight and thrill young ladies of all ages on stage or on the dance floor.  Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga is currently working to add more variety to our line of quality costumes to give directors and performers more color and texture. 

We do have a couple more Dance dress styles which have not been photographed at this time. 

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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Pink "50's Ladies" and men's "T-Bird Gang" mock leather jackets are also available in children's small, medium, large; adult standard and adult plus sizes for sale to small groups or individual parties. 

Large groups may include limited numbers of these jackets as part of their full play, based on ratio of other costumes rented at the discresion of Beauty and the Beast. 

Example:  Groups doing the play and renting 20+ costumes which are NOT jackets can rent jackets for the named characters who need them for $20 per jacket.

We cannot move large numbers of retail items to "used" rental status for dance troops or for individuals as these jackets were not made for heavy rental usage.