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Powder Puff  $2.50
Puff fits nicely into powder tub.

Coagulated Blood Gel  .5 oz (carded) $2.25  1 oz (bottle) $3.25
Lifelike Coagulated Blood Gel is the blood of choice for theater productions,video shoots and movies. Mehron's Coagulated Blood Gel is a thick looking blood that stays in place for long performances. This realistic looking Coagulated Blood Gel is used throughout the entertainment industry by Special Effects Artists to simulate coagulated cuts and gashes. Coagulated Blood Gel can also be used to simulate realistic looking bloody wounds for disaster drills and training exercises.

3-D Gel, Flesh tone or Blood red:  .5 oz $4.25   2 oz $7.50
Our 3-D Gel is used to create realistic three dimensional special effect additions to a character’s makeup. Mehron has developed this 3-D Gel to create Realistic 3-D Effects in Blood Red, Clear and Flesh tone in multiple bottle sizes. You can create most ghoulish effects with 3-D Gel. To use the 3-D Gelatin Effects just heat it to a liquid form, brush on, allow curing, and carve it up to your delight. There is no adhesive needed when using the 3-D Gelatin Effects. 3-D Gelatin Effects removes from skin and hair with warm water. 3-D Gel, Gelatin Effects may be used as a substitute for latex on children.

Colorset Powder  .25 oz (bottle) $4.25  .6 oz (tub) $7.00
Mehron's Colorset™ Setting Powder is used to absorb the oils from cream based makeup so that it "sets" and will not rub off. This Colorset™ Setting Powder developed by Mehron is a natural translucent formula that will not discolor the cream makeup if applied properly. The proper way to apply Colorset™ Setting Powder is to use a Powder Puff and press the powder into the Cream Makeup; it should be pressed in, not rubbed. When using Colorset™ Setting Powder over a multi color application of Cream Makeup it is advised to work on one color at a time so that colors do not transfer onto each other. This .6 oz. jar of Mehron's Colorset™ Setting Powder is used on stages and movie sets the world over.

Stage Blood:  Bright arterial or Dark venous
1 oz $3.25       4.5 oz $7.00 

9 oz $11.00     16 oz $16.00
.5 oz $2.25 - only in bright red

This Stage Blood by Mehron was developed for a realistic theatrical appearance both for on stage and film. Stage Blood is a viscous, lifelike, nearly opaque liquid that is non-toxic and so safe it's even edible. Stage Blood can be used in and around the mouth because it is made of non-toxic ingredients. This Professional Stage Blood washes off skin easily with soap and water. (Please test for staining on clothing before applying)

Latex Liquid  1 oz $5.00   4.5 oz $10.00
9 oz  $17.00    16 oz  $23.00

Latex Liquid is an essential component of every Special Effects Makeup Artist throughout the entertainment industry. The uses for Latex Liquid are only limited by the imagination of the artist using it. Special Effects Artists throughout the world use Latex Liquid to create fake skin, wrinkles, alien features and even to apply Crepe Hair and theatrical prosthetics. The 1 oz bottle of Latex Liquid comes with a brush for easy application. Creating a Character is a easy task when you use the tools, accessories and makeup used by the Professional Makeup Artist. You can now buy the same high quality Latex Liquid made by Mehron, Leaders in Theatrical Makeup since 1927, that the professionals use throughout the world on movie sets, video shoots and stage performances.

Fantasy FX  $2.50
By far, the most popular product for individual character and face painting.  Whether you are looking for a quick clown, sugar skull, zombie or Tinman, these water washable makeups in squeeze tubes are easy enough for a child to use and cover well enough for stage performances.  You can even add water and run them through an air brush for more professional looks.  Beauty and the Beast carries 24 of the most popular shades, including metallics, all the primary colors, black, white, greys, browns, zombie flesh and even the super popular Oger Green.

Cream Sticks $9.50
The staring attraction of our Mehron collection has to be the Cream Sticks.  One of our customers said it best, "You don't have Fifty Shades of Grey, but you have Fifty Shades of People!"   Almost!  Cream Sticks come in  40 shades of  ultra natural skin tones, including the newer Olive Skin and EuroAsian colors which are perfect for those who have problems finding their perfect match.  We also carry all the bright, clown like colors, black, white and a few shades of grey.

We have taken Performance Cream Makeup to the next level with our HYPER-FORMANCE CreamBlend™ Stick Makeup. Mehron has reformulated cream makeup and packaged it in quick application swivel case. The smooth supple texture and complete coverage of HYPER-FORMANCE CreamBlend™ Stick Makeup will amaze you with the speed at which you can apply a durable application of face makeup for performances. Our HYPER-FORMANCE CreamBlend™ Stick Makeup is manufactured with a unique combination of quality ingredients that will never feel greasy. For demanding quick paced theater work this Stick Makeup is in a class by itself. Clowns love the quick, durable, colorful HYPER-FORMANCE CreamBlend™ Stick Makeup by Mehron. .75 oz

Mehron Performance Makeup
Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga is proud to be the largest supplier of Mehron brand theatrical makeups in the tristate area.  We strive to keep all products in stock, all year, for your convenience.  While there are many other brands, we believe that Mehron products provide the best quality and value on the market for both professional and amateur makeup artists.   Don't forget to check out our GREAT prices.  Most Mehron products at Beauty and the Beast are sold at below the manufacturer's suggested retail prices.

** We are providing product descriptions from or the product catalog to insure accuracy and clarity.