Mascot Costumes


Mascot costumes are the large animal costumes like those seen at sporting events.  They have large heads and either clothing or fur jump suits, frequently with gloves and shoe covers.  At Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga, most of the mascot costumes rent for $45.

Below is a series of  'heads hots' to help show which characters and animals we have to offer.  Beauty and the Beast has over 30 different mascot type characters.   Not all of the costumes have been photographed, but we hope these photos will make selections a little easier for our customers.  As none of our mascots are licensed products, we cannot legally make them exactly like the characters our customers request.  However, we do try to make a high quality product at prices everyone can afford.

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Currently Popular Choices

PLEASE remember that Mascot costumes are HOT and UNCOMFORTABLE to wear for extended periods of time.  Schedule frequent breaks for anyone who is wearing a mascot for your event.  Keep them indoors, or in cool environments as much as possible.  REMOVE HEAD to Eat or Drink!  Do NOT "improve" mascot heads by cutting holes in the eye or mouth mesh.  Removing or damaging the plastic mesh destroys the structural ingenuity of the head and it can never be as strong or as attractive again after repairs.

Left to Right

Detective Dog

Left to Right

Silver Bunny
Chocolate Bunny

Left to Right

Honey Bear

Rat King


Left to Right

Girl Blue Elf

Squirting Turtle

Large Yellow Bird

Left to Right

Baby Monster

Frog Prince

Hat Cat

Left to Right

Frog Reporter

King of Lions

Milky White Cow

Left to Right




Left to Right

Charming Lizard
Red Dog

Left to Right
Baby Dinosaur

Big Purple Dinosaur
Blue Dog

Left to Right

Missy Mouse

Curious Monkey

Horse (of course)

Left to Right

Mr. Mouse - NEW!

Glamour Pig

Asian Dragon

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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Teddy Bear
Teddy is scheduled for replacement. 

Mr. Mouse
Missy Mouse


Our currently most popular rental mascots are a couple of friendly mice.  These costumes rent for $45 each. 

Mr. Mouse now with NEW head shown below, black tail coat, red pants with white dots and yellow bow tie.  Gloves or large hands and shoes are sold separately.

Miss Mouse includes head, dress and belt in either white (shown) or yellow.  Tights and hands (not shown) are sold separately.

Christmas Favorites

Favorite choices for Holiday Parades include (Left to Right) Grinch, Rudolf the red nosed Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman.

Left to Right

Papa Blue Elf
(Yes!  We have 3!)

Electric Pet