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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Village Ladies - $15 Rental
Several recommended color combinations shown. These outfits are less fancy and better for villager and serving girls .  The same cotton dresses used for the Princesses are paired with either a velvet vest in brown, black or dark red with Velcro closures in the back.  Vests come in Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large.  All colors are NOT available in all sizes. 

Dresses can also be worn with aprons and optional dust mob caps.

Child and Youth sized - $15 Rental
The younger ladies don't have to feel left out of the party.  White chemise gowns with full sleeves and lace trim at neck can be used with medieval styled vests that match the adult sized dresses shown at top of page or with bright pink overlays with gold metallic lace trim.

Lady in Waiting - $35 Rental
Recommended color combination shown on left.  Includes country blue full sleeved chemise under a creamy white vest with blue, tan and pink floral pattern.  Silver metallic braid trim adorns  the neckline, waist and lower vest, just above a single row of pretty pink accent braid.  Matching halo headpiece has white lace veil which cascades to elbow length.

Optional chemise colors include parchment, pink or mint green.

My Lady  $35 Rent
Recommended color combination shown on left.  Includes parchment colored chemise with exaggerated long sleeves.  Brocade over vestments are striped with shades of cream and stone with smaller forest green accent stripe.  Vest is trimmed with looping braids in soft yellow or butter cream.  White lace front allows for a range of sizing while giving that fairy tale feel to the overall look.  Halo headpiece has long, flowing veil of sheer light stone fabric.

Optional chemise colors available include mint green, goldenrod and forest green.

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Princess Bride - $35 Rental
Recommended color combination shown at left.  Includes off white chemise with exaggerated long sleeves.  Vest overlay has creamy white brocade bodice trimmed with gold metallic braid.  Vest skirt is shimmering sheer with sparkling gold print, also trimmed with matching gold metallic braid.

Optional chemise colors include mint green, lavender, forest green, country blue, goldenrod or pink.

Pink Princess - $35 Rental
Recommended color combination shown on left.  Includes light pink full sleeved chemise with long brocade over vest.  Vest has multi colored floral print with wide silver metallic braid trim accenting the neck line, tie front and wide cream colored braid trim near hemline.  Matching Juliet cap has extra long sheer drape with lace trim attached.

Optional chemise colors include parchment, mint green, goldenrod, forest green or country blue.

Medieval Styled Costumes


Dreams of King Arthur's court and fair maidens waiting for their handsome prince to arrive will always be with us.  From fairy tales to madrigal dinners, parties and plays, even weddings, the need for beautiful, versatile gowns in a range of colors and sizes is ongoing.