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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Big Chef double trail War Bonnet:  $35 Rental
The perfect, over the top accessory for Eulali Shinn.

Grecian Urns:  $25 Rental
Grecian Urn costumes include long antique white gowns with gold tone belts and headpieces trimmed in gold metallic braid.  (Photo not yet available)

Wa Tan Ye:  $15 - $25 Rental
For those with the facilities and budget for costume changes, these Native American girl costumes are perfect for the Society ladies.  Mrs. Eulali Shinn should have have the fancier gold tone faux suede while the others can have matching brown dresses with multi color trim and headbands. 

Mayor George Shinn:  $25 Rental
(Hat normally sold separately)
The Mayor of this small town is overly proud of his position.  We prefer the black cut away tail coat with white shirt and black pants paired with a bright red vest or with a cummerbund and tie set (not shown).   Blue shoulder sash also available.  Red, white and blue accessories for 4th of July scene provided at no extra cost for groups.

Mrs. Paroo:  $25 Rental
Marian's mother is a simple Irish woman who doesn't put on airs.  Simple plaid cotton skirt with a white peasant blouse can be paired with apron and mob cap for 'home'.  With a shawl or short jacket in either blue or tan, the same outfit has a dressier look for public events for budget minded performance at no extra charge.

Towns Women:  $25 Rental
Every town needs various ladies to populate the streets.  We offer a wide range of colored skirts and blouses in white or off white to make sure everyone looks like they belong together, but aren't wearing the same dress.

Music Man, Jr.

Available rental costumes.

Many of these costumes are also useful for Hello Dolly, My Fair Lady, Mary Poppins, Titanic, Peter Pan, Downton Abbey, Jane Austen Festival and many other performances set in the early 1900's.  Yes, there are a surprisingly large number of stories set at the turn of the last century, especially 1912, so many of the costumes can cross over for other uses.

More photos will be added as they become available.  Thank you for your patience in this ever on-going adventure.

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