Skeleton King Adult Standard $45 FW#134664

Skeleton King Adult Plus $49 FW#134665

Beautiful Bones Adult Standard

Beautiful Bones Adult Plus

Mariachi Macabre Adult Standard
Senorita Adult Standard

Mariachi Macabre Plus  $51  F#76071

Senorita Plus $42  F#76072

Formal Adult Standard $43  F#74799

Formal Adult XLarge $45  F#74800

Suzy Skeleton Med $36  R#810643

Sassy Skeleton Sm, Md, Lg $56  R#810640

There are always new things coming in at Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga.  Many of these came in last summer but will still be new to our Halloween shoppers.  As always, the most requested costumes are from the latest Super Hero and Star Wars movies as well as classic versions of favorite characters.

We also have a large number of great new accessories for those looking for more original ideas as well as those who enjoy being creative and putting together their own unique costumes.  There is always something for everyone at Beauty and the Beast.

Superman Standard, XL $56  R#810925

Superman Adult Plus $65  R#17996

Wonder Woman Adult Sm, Md, Lg  $47  R#810921
Wonder Woman Adult Plus  $60  R#17998

Dlx Batman Standard, XLarge  $56  R#810926

Dlx Batman Adult Plus $65  R#17995 

Superman Child Sm, Md, Lg $30  R#620566

Wonder Woman Child Sm, Md, Lg $28  R#620611

Batman Child SMALL $30  R#620565

Adult Batman Mask $24

Adult Batman Belt  $20
Adult Batman Gloves  $16

Adult Batman 1/2 mask $5

Adult Armored Batman mask $24

Child Batman 1/2 mask  $3.50

Child Armored Batman 1/2 mask $4

Spider-man Standard, XL $48 R#820005

Black Panther Standard, XL $56 R#810969

Black Widow Sm, Md, Lg $58  R#810973 No Photo

Iron Man Standard, XL $56  R#810968

Deadpool Standard, XL $54  R#810109

Deadpool 2nd Skin Adult Md, Lg, XL $57  R#810982

Deadpool Weapons $19  R# 36067 No Photo

Dble Ninja Sword set $13  FW#8276

Still more exciting new items!

Flower Power Bell Bottoms Std $19  F#61659

Wild Swirl Bell Bottoms  Std $19  F#61660

Groovy Go-Go Dress XS/Sm, Md/Lg $19  F# 74446-7

Groovy Go-Go Shirt Stand, XL  $17 F#74448-9

Leasure Suit Adult Plus

Rocker Adult Standard

Bumble Bee  Std $21  F#54122

Ladies' Pirate Shirt Std $21  F#76369

Black Fringe Dress Sm/Md, Md/Lg

Black Fringe Dress Plus

Indian Summer Sm/Md, Md/Lg

Indian Summer Adult Plus

Party Clown Standard

Mary Adult Plus

Joseph Standard

Joseph Plus

Wench Sm/Md, Md/Lg

Wench Plus

Promotional Santa Standard

Promotional Santa Plus


Orange Prisoner  $31  F#74907

Blk/Wht Striped Burglar $22  F#66724

Hurrah! for our Suppliers who are finally learning that "One Standard Size" does NOT fit all!  A few more popular costumes are arriving in XL and Plus sizes.

Cow Girl Plus $35  F#76066

Big Tex 3XLg $60  F#64095 

Flapper Black XLarge F#60869

Flapper Red XLarge F#60868

Steampunk Jack XLarge $45  F#76059

Captain Blackheart Plus

Broken Doll Adult Plus

Create a Hero

Great new Super Hero / Villain capes, gloves and masks to make a new version of well known comic characters or create your very own Super Suit!  Colors include Black, Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, Purple and Pink.  Mix and match with wigs, tutus and body suits from Beauty & the Beast or hero T-shirts & leggings from your closet.

Sleek N Sexy Bodysuit  $38
Small F#67662
Medium F#67663
Large F#67664

BEST OPTION YET for Cat Woman, Black Widow or Black Cat, even Emma Peel!

Day of the Dead Hat $19

Day of the Dead Masks $8

Egyptian Collar $11

Egyptian Belt (Not shown)  $11

1920's Lace Hat & Mitts $12  FW#90516

Flapper Headband $8  FW#90517

Faux Fur Stole $12  FW#90526

Dlx Coonskin Hat $11

Silver Mask $5
Raccoon Set $11  F#71193

Not Shown:
Lion Set $7  F#71190

Monkey Set $7  F#71198

Zebra Set $7  F#71192

Giraffe Set $7  F#71195

Bull Horns $7  F#71196

Cow Horns $5  F#71194

Dalmatian Set $5  F#76846

Dog Set $5  F#76847

Grey Wolf Set $6  JH#24630

Day of the Dead / Sugar Skull Skeletons

Americans are falling in love with the beauty, the style and sentiment of the Day of the Dead.  Many of us don't know much about the annual celebration of the lives of the dearly departed, but it so much more than sugar skulls and Halloween parties.  To learn more about it, we suggest you enjoy the movie Book of Life with your children or check out some of the many websites devoted to Mexican culture.

For the more adventurous child, school play or World History day, Beauty & the Beast now offers a few more choices.

Child Sultan Sm, Md, LG $25  F#70066-8
Child Pharaoh Sm, Med, Lg $34  F#73995-7

Child Harem Princess  Sm, Md, Lg $23  R#882934

Child Arabian Prince Sm  $23  F#74434-6

Dlx Rey Adult Sm, Md, Lg  $55  R#810668
Dlx Kylo Ren Standard, XL $54  R#810669

Dlx Finn Standard, XLarge $54  R#810673
Hooded Jedi Robe Standard, XLg $31 R#888133

Darth Vader Standard, XLarge $48  R#888003  No Photo

Hooded Sith Robe Standard, XLg $31  R#16222

Storm Trooper Standard, XL  R#810672

Brown Hooded Robe $21  FW#11827BR
Black Hooded Robe $21  FW#11827BK

Rey Child SMALL $29  R#620083

Finn Child Sm, Md, Lg  $29  R#620082

Darth Vader Child Sm, Md, Lg $29  R#610699  No Photo

Kylo Ren Child Sm, Md, Lg  $29  R#620084
Hooded Jedi Robe Child Sm, Md, Lg $22 R#882024

Captain Phasma Child Sm, Md, Lg $30  R#620086
Stormtrooper Child Sm, Md, LG $29  R#620088

Hooded Cloak Child Sm, Md, Lg $18  FW#118272BR

Story Book
Happily Ever After is easier than ever with adult and child sized Princess dresses, wigs and Charming Prince suits.

Ever After Princess Standard $51  F#75594

Ever After Prince Standard $51  F#75654

Ever After Wig Adult $20 F#75984

Child Blue Princess Sm, Md, Lg $26 76180-2

Child Ever After Princess Sm, Md, Lg $41  F#75658-60

Child Ever After Prince Sm, Md, Lg $42 F#75655-7

Child Charming Princess Sm, Md, Lg $26  F#76171-3

Good Fairy Witch Std $70  F#74819

NEW for 2016

Super Hero Tie Masks $4

Blue F#74131
Pink F#76480

Green F#74130

Purple F#74127

Yellow F#74129

Black F#73531

Gauntlets  $10
Yellow  F#76496

Pink F#76498

Other colors coming soon!

Super Capes $12

Yellow F#76490

Red F#76489

Blue F#76487

Black F#76491

Pink F#76492

Marvel's Deadpool, Avengers: Civil War

Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Child Madame Butterfly NOW $34  F# 62186 

Buccaneer Jacket  NOW $45  F# 62081

Hansel XLarge NOW 34  F#61268


Roaring 20's Headband, Silver $4  F#60987

Roaring 20's Headband, Black $4  F#60988

Cigarettes 2pc $0.75  F#56194

Cigarettes 6pc $2  F#60616

Hero Metals 3pc $6  F#66224

Hero Metal 1 star $2.25  F#6625

Clown Bowtie $5  F#59453

SP Flip up Glasses F#68978

Aviator Pin   $2.25  F#59943

Monocle  $1.50  F#24913

Dlx Western Holster $28  F# 57946

Wild West Holster $17 F#55305

Egyptian Collar $11  F#58299

Cowboy String Tie  $6

STAR WARS:  The Force Awakens

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