Some Pirate Crew costumes are often stored in the back to save space.  Please ask if you are interested in one.
All accessories including hats, eye patch, swords, guns, boot tops, wigs, jewelery and parrot are sold separately.

Deck Hand- $15 Rental
White cotton shirt with full sleeves.  Black faux suede vest.  Red and white striped pants with elastic waist and jagged lower edge.  Bright sash.

Limited number and sizes available.

Buccaneer  - $25 Rental
White cotton shirt with full sleeves.  Red polyester jerkin with metallic gold braid trim and brass button front.  Black pants with elastic waist.  Jabot and bright sash optional at no extra charge. 

Sexy Pirate - $25 rental
Red and white striped spandex crop top with red sleeves.  Black faux suede asymmetrical skirt with elastic waist.  Red sash belt.
(Not on display floor.  Ask if you wish to rent one.)

Pirate Wench - $25 rental
Dress with white cotton blouse top and red and white striped skirt.  Attached white petticoat.  Black faux suede corset vest with white lace trim that laces up the front and back for snug fit.

The Crew

Every Captain needs support from his crew.  Crew costumes tend to cost less and have more variety.   The fun part about doing pirates is that you can use many items from your closet or a thrift store to combine with items from Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga into your own unique look.  All accessories including hats, wigs, fishnet stockings, striped panty hose, wigs, eye patch, jewelery, weapons and parrot are sold separately.

The Captains

Every ship needs a captain.  At Beauty and the Beast, you may go as minimal or as over board as you choose.  Captain costumes normally include three major pieces, Jacket, shirt and pants with optional jabot or sash belt at no extra charge.  You may substitute a vest for the shirt or add a vest for a $5 additional charge.  All accessories including hats, swords, guns, boot tops, wigs, jewelery and parrot are sold separately.

Brown Captain - $35 rental

Jack Sparrow or Colonial gentleman.
Brown coat with black faux suede front and cuffs.  Metallic gold braid trim and large gold tone buttons.  Black pants, white shirt.  Optional sash and jabot not shown.

Pirate Princess - $25 Rental

Black and stone striped blouse with red lace trim.  Stone colored faux sued skirt with tulip hem to show just a hint of leg.  Red tie sash with sequin accents.
(Not on display floor.  Ask if you wish to rent one.)

Pretty Pirate - $25 rental
White cotton dress with wide lace trim.  Red crushed panne velvet vest with metallic gold ric rac trim.  Black laces on vest front adjust fit.

Black Captain - $35 rental

Barbosa or Black Beard
Black faux suede coat with grey ribbon trim.  Black pants, white jabot.  Your choice of either white shirt or red vest.

$40 rental with both shirt and vest as shown.

Red Captain - $35 rental

Hook or Morgan
Red polyester coat with metallic gold ribbon and braid trim.  White shirt and jabot.  Black pants and yellow sash.

Pirates of theCaribbean or Penzance


Pirate costumes have been a staple for costume shops as long as anyone can remember.  From Captain Hook to Jack Sparrow, the image of the free booting buccaneer sailing off to adventures in far away places has always captured our collective imaginations.  You can sail into your next event well dressed in a great looking rental from Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga, or buy costumes and accessories from our extensive line of packaged goods.

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