Complete Shows

This list includes the most popular shows for which Beauty and the Beast can provide a large number of adult sized costumes, even on short notice.  We also have a large selection of child sized costumes for extras, but not always for the leading roles.  If your cast is mostly children less than 5 feet tall, we may need extra time to construct the missing attire.

Wizard of Oz

Beauty and the Beast


Little Mermaid
Alice in Wonderland



Music Man


State Fair

Peter Pan

Sound of Music (No formal wear)

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat
Into the Woods
The Princess and the Pea
A Christmas Carol (Scrooge)
Charlotte's Web

Partial Shows
This is a list of shows that we have done in the past, but may only have limited numbers of costumes,  the principle characters only in limited sizes, or only the larger groups for dance numbers, etc.  These are the ones that we can normally find enough costumes to make it happen, it just might take some imagination.

Mid Summer Night's Dream
Pirates of Penzance
The King and I
Seven Brides for Seven Brothers

Thoroughly Modern Milly

Bugsy Malone
Sister Act

Hunchback of Notre Dame
Hello Dolly

Amateur Theater Productions

aka School Play List

Beauty and the Beast Costumes, Chattanooga has been providing quality rental costumes for many local school and church stage performances at unbeatable low prices for over 20 years.  While some costume rental shops specialize in only a few productions, we strive to serve the community with costumes for all of the most popular musicals while constantly adding more titles as the Junior versions of Broadway shows become available to our clients.

We ask new directors to set up an appointment with store manager Susan Stringer to view costumes and discuss your needs.  To receive our famous $20 rental per costume pricing, please see details at bottom of this page.

Group Discount Rates

aka How this works

So!  You want that crazy low price of $20 per costume?  Beauty and the Beast is dedicated to serving the theatrical needs of our community and we understand that everyone is on a budget, but we have to make a living also.  If not, there will not be anyone else to provide the amazing service that we do. 

Here's how it works.  We make everything in shop!  Yes, you heard that correctly, every rental costume is hand crafted by
master costumer and store manager Susan Stringer.  Naturally, adding new shows takes time.  We normally only take on one new large show per year and that show is normally determined by our repeat school groups.  Our established clients normally give us up to one year's notice of the show they plan to do so we can collect fabrics and make costumes.  Really big, specialized shows, like Little Mermaid and Shrek take as long as 2 years to prepare.  Most of our rental costumes can be used for multiple applications and you will see some that keep popping up everywhere.

To receive the $20 per costume flat rate, the client must have 20 or more costumes rented on one contract with one contact person responsible for pick up and return of the entire group.  Clients must provide a complete list of costumes needed.  (See details below.)  A half down deposit is required before any work is done, balance must be paid at or before pick up.  Clients may indicate which costumes they prefer in general but must leave individual costume selection to Beauty and the Beast Costumes, to be pulled and assembled at the time and discrepancy of the business.  Please understand that Spring is not just "School Play Season", it is also Easter.  Everyone must share not only the costumes, but also the time and attention of the staff.

Larger groups will receive a higher number of deluxe costumes and bonus accessories.  Returning clients with a good working history will frequently be afforded new costumes and/or accessories custom made for their event as time permits.  These will normally be items which the business deems to be a good investment that will be used again by other clients in the future.

We do NOT mail order or ship.  This is a local company and we serve only our local theater groups.  Part of the reason we can offer such low rental rates is that we do not take the risk involved in shipping across country.  Clients are required to pick up and return their own costumes.  While to some, this may seem difficult, to our established customers, it is more of a time to visit, catch up and look at what other groups are doing.  We get to chat about what worked well and what did not.  If a costume doesn't fit, or just isn't working, we can exchange it for another one.  This personal feed back is what makes Beauty and the Beast special.  We actually listen to our customers and value their advice.  Most of them become friends more than just clients.

Clients who wish to select each costume themselves or send in individual actors to be fitted, try on or select costumes will NOT receive a group discount rate as this creates a great deal more work and stress for the employees at a time when other clients adhering to our group discount policies need attention. 

In Plain English:  The more you make my life easier, the more goodies you get! 

Costume Lists must provide the following to order:
Actor's Name:  First name and last initial are normally enough
Character's Gender:  Many children's names are non-gender specific, like Taylor or Chris, please don't make me guess.  Some groups are short on male actors and use females in male roles.  If you want a female to play a Townsperson - Boy,  or a female is going to gender swap a major character like Willy Wonka or Aladdin's Genie, please make notes accordingly.
Actor's Measurements:  Over all height, Chest and Waist are enough, we don't do alterations but will try to find longer garments for tall actors and need to know when a child sized costume is needed.
Complete list of all costume changesrequired for each Character.  Please do not assume that we know how many changes you plan to do.  If children have more than one part and you need to "layer" costumes, please note.

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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

We need your help!

The primary goal of this website is to help our customers find the costumes they want for various needs.  If there is a show listed here that you are interested in, please send a request to have those photos posted first.  Otherwise, we will most likely post photos in the approximate order of past performance popularity.

While we do have photos of most of our rental stock on mannequins, we have very few on actual people.  If you have photos of any of our costumes used on stage, and are willing to share them with others, Please Send them to our Facebook Account.  (The Email is currently a little flaky.)  We will give you full credit.