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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Exclusive Rental Stock

Sizes for Adults and Children

The one thing that you will not find any where else is Beauty and the Beast Costumes' rental stock.  All the most popular costumes are on the racks so you can browse and see the superior quality of a rental costume.  You may feel free to try on as many rental costumes as you like to find the perfect fit.  Please click on the page links on the upper left to browse through many of our rental costume groups.  Please note that these are NOT complete listings as this is a new website and we are still working on processing the photos.

Note:  Many out of season or less popular costumes are packed away.  In order to better serve everyone, costumes in storage cannot be brought out for Halloween rentals.  We cannot find find required sizes or properly inspect and press them on short notice. 

Sample rental costumes for Christmas, including Santa Claus, Mrs. Claus, Elves and Helpers are now on the racks for your convenance. 


Our normal rental period is two days through the week, example Monday to Wednesday, or the weekend is Friday to Monday.   This way, you normally will not have to pick up or return your costume of the day of your event.   Your one rental price covers you for the full time.

Most adult sized costumes rent for $25-$35 each.   Deluxe costumes, like Elvis and Glenda the Good witch are only $55.  Our Deluxe Santa Claus is $75 because it is velvet and includes the beard and wig.

Adult sized rental costumes normally come in Four Sizes which really do fit (almost) all.  The 'Texas Small' size is a Beauty and the Beast Costumes exclusive because we understand that some people are a little larger than average and they want to have fun and look good also.  We do not use numbered sizes as vanity sizing has made women's clothing sizes overly confusing.  Just like any other clothing store, we can not promise an acceptable fit for anyone who does not come in and try on costumes.  As we do NOT give refunds or do exchanges, the person who selects the costume is responsible for any errors.

Junior - Extra Small to Small
Standard - Medium to Large
Plus - Extra Large to 2X Large
Texas Small - 3X Large to 4X Large

Mascot styles are $45 each.  Deluxe mascots, like the Deluxe Easter Bunny or Large Purple Dino are $55

Mascot costumes are only available in one adult size.  They are the cartoon type animals with a large head and usually a fur body suit similar to what you would expect to see at a football game.  While some styles may differ, most include the head, One Size jumpsuit, mittens and shoe covers.

Children sized costumes rent for $15-$20 each.  
Children's costumes normally come in Small (4-6), Medium (8-10), Large (12-14) and some come in Extra Large (16-18) which are not much longer than the Large, but are fuller cut.  The children's rental costumes are primarily suited for school plays or depicting historical people as these are extremely difficult to find in packaged, retail lines.  After all, most children would rather keep their Halloween costumes and Cosplay with them later.

Child Pricing is based on the SIZE of the costume, not the age of the wearer.  If your child is over 5 feet tall or over 100 pounds, he or she may need an adult sized costume and the price will increase accordingly.