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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Please see our Blog page for stories relating to this subject:  Why No Refunds?


While we must apologize to the good and honest people who might have a legitimate reason to return merchandise, we cannot take back any merchandise for exchange or refund.  Please chose wisely.   Beauty and the Beast provides dressing rooms to make sure your costumes fit acceptably well before you purchase them.  If you did not try on or at least look at the costume, we cannot guarantee fit or condition of the item.  We try our best to make sure all packaged costumes are kept clean, in good repair and contain all of their accessories, but sometimes things slip by.  If you try on a costume, buy that one to be sure it is correct.

It is the nature of our business that everything we sell is "seasonal" and most of the items are only intended to be used once.  Sadly, there are to many 'bad people' in the world who use items and then return them for a refund.  There are also those who purchase multiple 'hot ticket' items, knowing that they will only use one, if any, then return the unused items after the holiday is over.  Even large chain stores no longer offer refunds on seasonal items because of this practice.

Wigs, socks and stockings may NOT be tried on! EVER.  No discussion.  The only way we can offer such a wide range of these products at prices averaging 25-50% lower than other stores is the fact that we do not allow customers to destroy these items.  We understand this means that you are taking a gamble on these items, but we will be happy to advise customers of any known issues.

If you would like to try on gloves, please ask as we have several pairs behind the counter available for fitting.  DO NOT open sealed packages as those items cannot be re-packed in an acceptable manner.