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Costume Rental and Retail in Chattanooga

Images from the Whitwell Middle School performance of Wizard of Oz. These photos were taken while the play was in progress and are not of the best quality. Our sincere apologies to anyone who is blurry or not shown.  We invite anyone who has used these costumes and taken better, more flattering photos to please send photos to our FaceBook account.

Costume Rental, Retail in Chattanooga

Wizard of Oz

Available rental costumes

By far, the most popular set of costumes for plays, Halloween, charitable events, corporate meetings and birthday parties for the last 75 years.  These beloved characters never go out of style.  It is, hands down the best known play with the most flexible number of cast members to accommodate any group size, equally gender balanced with strong female leads and supporting rolls that are easily gender swapped for groups with larger female participation.  You just can't go wrong with this wholesome story, bright sets and songs which have been loved by generations.

The following costumes are available for rental for amateur performances in the Chattanooga and surrounding areas only.  Clients must be willing to pick up and deliver the costumes back to the store.  Sorry, shipping is not available.  Please see our School Play List page for group discounts and details.